Naini Lake
The nucleus of Nainital s uncomparable beauty is beautiful lake. In the day, mirrored in its waters stand seven proud hills, dotted with pretty cottages and villas. More beautiful than this however is the lake at night when the myriads of bulbs from the hill sides and quite a large number hanging near the lake s edge stab their magic light into its waters.

Naina Devi Temple
Nainital name has been originated from Naina Devi and Naina Devi temple is situated right on Naini Lake near flats, It is said that eye of goddess Sati (Wife of Lord Shiva) fell here at Nainital thus lake is known as Naini Lake.

The Mall
On one of side of lake is the Mall road now it is known as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. Number of hotels, food joints, shops, banks and other business concerns are here.This road is the main link joining Mallital and Tallital.

Naina Peak or China Peak
Naina Peak also known as China or Cheena Peak. It is the highest peak in the town, with an altitude of 2,615 m (8,579 ft) and at a short distance of 6 km from the north end of the town (Mallital). One can hire Pony or Horses to visit this peak either from Snow view or from Mallital.

One of the important triangular point to go to Kilbury - Sigri Camp, Tiffin Top, Khurpa Tal - Jim Corbett National Park Route. Ponies and horses can be hired from here to climb to the nearby spots.